Sunkissed Contouring

Hair Contouring Highlights

Sunkissed Contouring

Contouring is a technique we are all very familiar with in the beauty industry but NEWSFLASH ladies contouring now applies to your hair colour too. This new hair trend is a great way to give the illusion of more facial definition without makeup for a more natural glow!!

This is a must for virgin hair considering first time highlights as it is low maintenance and subtle. Hair contouring is the very careful placement of free hand colouring around the face. This technique is used to highlight and shadow your targeted areas giving you that “je ne sais quoi” glow.

Hair contouring requires a trained eye and luckily we have a team of Redken Colour Specialists on hand at Rossanos.

A colour specialist will carefully select shades that are complimentary to your skins natural tones. Dark tones are placed in areas where you want to create depth and highlights in areas you want to brighten. This is a creative way of using light and dark tones to give the illusion of shape. This is a completely bespoke service tailored to your individual hair needs.

Hair contouring applies to all hair colour not just blondes. We have an array of colour and Shades EQ toners to choose from for a completely bespoke look. Seal it with a Crystal Clear Gloss for extra shine and your good to go.

This is an excellent way to achieve that sunkissed glow just in time for Spring/Summer.

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